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Secondary School Mathematics Professional Development Series
Instructor: Neil Munro, Mathematics Educator

These Saturday afternoon PD workshops were primarily for secondary school mathematics teachers and for Senior Division Mathematics teacher candidates at the Faculty of Education. However, upper elementary school mathematics teachers and students in the Intermediate Division at the Faculty, along with anyone else with an particular interest in mathematics education, were welcomed to attend. Participants were expected to have a familiarity with, and a working knowledge of, secondary school mathematics education and curriculum, as well as possessing the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and apply the mathematics taught at that level. Most sessions began with a brief look at the historical background related to the topic of discussion (along with some interesting anecdotes or humorous stories), then included where that topic is introduced in the curriculum, some interesting or innovative methods that could be used to teach the topic, an examination of some mathematical models and other materials that might assist with teaching the topic, and how that topic relates to "real-life" problems (if such a thing exists). Finally, the sessions extended into areas of particular interest to gifted students and looked at how the topic leads into more advanced mathematics at the undergraduate university level. Full documentation (handouts) from these sessions have been made available here below as Word and PDF files:

Teaching the Pythagorean Theorem
Teaching the Factoring of Polynomials
Teaching Statistics of One Variable
Teaching Statistics of Two Variables
24/02/2007 Teaching Curve Sketching doc pdf
03/03/2007 Teaching Inverse Functions/Operations doc pdf
24/03/2007 Solving Systems of Linear Equations doc pdf

Mathematics Support for Grades 7-12 Teachers
NUMERIC wishes to provide a "help line" for mathematics teachers who may have questions pertaining to difficult math problems/expectations found within the Ontario Mathematics Curriculum (Revised, 2005-07) Grades 7-12 documents or within classroom textbooks. As this is designed as a support mechanism for educators, please include in your message your name, phone number, school, grade(s) taught, and the specifics of your question and send here.

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