Mathematics Camp

Pre-Calculus Camp
Coordinator: Dr. Alexandre Karassev, Assistant Professor of Mathematics

The next pre-calculus camp will be held at Nipissing University from August 25-29, 2008. The cost is $120.00 and this price includes a daily two-hour lecture, dinner, tutorial, and quiz. The purpose of the camp is to refresh one's knowledge of high-school mathematics and to make the transition from high school to university mathematics smoother. In particular, the camp is a very useful way to get ready for a first-year, university-level Calculus course. On each of the five days of camp (Monday-Friday) there will be two hours of lecture, followed by two hours of tutorial. The tutorials will include problem solving and quizzes. Quizzes will be marked. Each participant will be given a manual containing the material covered during the camp. The focus of the camp will be on the following topics:

  • Real numbers and their properties; rational and irrational numbers; absolute value
  • Coordinate system on the plane; graphs of functions
  • Polynomials (including linear and quadratic functions); roots of polynomials and factorization techniques; solving polynomial equations and inequalities; graphs of polynomials
  • Fractions; rational functions
  • Root functions and their properties
  • Trigonometric functions and their properties; graphs of trigonometric functions; solving trigonometric equations and inequalities
  • General equations and inequalities
  • Basics of plane geometry

Pre-Calculus Mathematics Exercises (pdf)
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